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Dr. Edelstein is a highly regarded Learning Specialist who provides services to students, adults and professionals and is located at the Yellin Center for Mind, Brain and Education in New York City. Her expertise in executive function coaching and consultation, emanate from a well established career in educational services for individuals with special needs. She earned a Doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and is a Nationally Certified School Psychologists (NCSP), with a Masters degree in special education from Wayne State University and Bachelor of Science with distinction from the University of Michigan. In private practice for more than 25 years, Dr. Edelstein worked in the Washington DC metropolitan area as 

a Psychology Associate of John L. McLaughlin Ph.D. and Associates and co-owner of School Support Services LLC in Bethesda Maryland. The group provided a broad spectrum of educational and clinical services which, included comprehensive psycho-educational assessment, academic and supportive coaching, case management and program consultation. Dr. Edelstein's academic training and breadth of clinical experience has uniquely equipped her to understand the cognitive functions and teach strategies for enhancing learning and executive skills.

Professional Experience

Dr. Edelstein is an Executive Skills Specialist located at the Yellin Center for Mind, Brain and Education in New York City. In New York since 2005 and owner of Edelstein LLC dba School Support, Dr. Edelstein sees children, adolescents and adults for training in the executive functions. In Bethesda Maryland, Dr. Edelstein was Clinical Director and co-founder of School Support Services, LLC, a group practice of psychologists and learning specialists in the Washington metropolitan area from 1993-2009. The US Commerce Association awarded the group Best of Bethesda Educational Consultants, in 2009.

Additionally in 2006-2007 Dr. Edelstein was a licensed provider of SpellRead P.A.T.™ in Rockville Maryland, a research based intervention for treatment of dyslexia (Edelstein LLC) Having presented various professional workshops in cognitive and child development, Dr. Edelstein partnered with Washington School of Psychiatry and Washington Parent Magazine in 2005 to convene a regional conference in cognitive processing. A member of the Learning Disabilities Association of America, Council of Exceptional Children, CHADD, National Association of School Psychologists and she was a past president of WISER, Washington Independent Services for Educational Resources in Washington. School Support Services was acknowledged by a national press award for monthly column "School Support!" in the Washington Parent newspaper from 1999-2004.

Academic History

Throughout her academic career, Terry Edelstein has studied the full spectrum of cognitive processing, differential diagnosis and emergent programming for exceptional children. Learning disabilities was in the initial stages of research during her doctoral studies in Pittsburgh, as was milieu intervention for children during her masters study in Detroit. Her graduate work was the basis of an academic support program she implemented at a boarding school in Pittsburgh, and a regional psycho-educational demonstration project sponsored by the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped at a Massachusetts school. Her research at the dissertation level, and as a project analyst at Gallaudet University’s Research Institute, were among the earliest demographic studies of national programming for populations with multiple needs. 

Selected Publications

What is Executive Functioning?, Dietzel, L. and Edelstein, T, in Washington Parent, All Kinds of Kids, November 2004.

Lost in School?, Channick, K and Edelstein, T, Washington Parent, June 2000.

School Support! column, Washington Parent, 1998-2002.

National study of hearing impairment among patients in psychiatric hospitals, Trybus, R. and Edelstein, T., In Proceedings of National Conference on Deafness and Mental Health. Edelstein, T., U. of California Press, 1980.

Development of milieu intervention program for treatment of disturbed deaf children. Edelstein, T., Mental Health in Deafness, 1978.

Local references and a detailed curriculum vitae are available on request.

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