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If an individual could do well, he would do well.

Terry Edelstein Ph.D. develops innovative strategies for persons with learning and executive function needs, many of whom have not been successful with other interventions. Dr. Edelstein is a nationally recognized Learning Specialist and Executive Function Coach in New York City whose practice is now located at the Yellin Center for Mind, Brain and Education. Dr. Edelstein's focus is on the executive functions in order for individuals to:

1. Develop effective problem solving skills,

2. Improve information retention and recall,

3. Enhance analytical and creative thinking.

The executive functions are the processes which constitute management of one's cognitive resources in order to achieve a goal. It is the set of neurologically-based skills involved in mental control and self-regulation*.

Executive Function Coaching and Consultation

Well versed in the professional literature and practice in cognitive and executive function development, Dr. Edelstein develops the scaffolding necessary to support and reinforce new learning. Individual profiles derived from psycho-educational assessments, target needs in terms of analytical problem solving and organization. Brain-based strategies are taught in the context of private coaching. Consultation provides a link between individual coaching plus reinforcement of strategies and the client's relevant environments, as appropriate.  

  • Strategies are taught which directly relate to academic or work needs.
  • Technical tools and cognitive maps enhance weak working memory.
  • Self-monitoring techniques are formulated to evaluate progress
  • Consultation or phone networking insure consistent reinforcement.

Since the executive functions continue to develop into early adulthood, Academic Coaching is an effective tool for acquiring skills and learning strategies at the secondary, post-secondary and graduate levels. Individuals in their middle years attest to the utility of cognitive strategies in improving memory retention in the professional domain.

Terry Edelstein has a doctorate in educational psychology and is a Learning Specialist in New York City at the Yellin Center for Mind, Brain and Education. In Washington DC, she was co-founder of School Support Services LLC and in private practice for over 25 years. She also was a SpellRead PAT™ licensed provider at Terry Edelstein Ph.D., LLC. The US Commerce Association awarded School Support Services LLC Best of Bethesda Educational Consultants, 2009.

Call for a courtesy consultation: 800.917.6739

What Is Executive Functioning?, L. Dietzel & T. Edelstein, 2004

(*Dietzel, L. & Cooper-Kahn, J., Late, Lost and Unprepared, 2008)

Edelstein LLC dba School Support

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